Lee Min Ho Turns into Korean Swordsman in New Still Cuts for “Faith”

In the latest still cuts for Lee Min Ho’s upcoming TV drama series, “Faith,” the former “City Hunter” transformed into a Koryo-era swordsman, Choi Young.

The still shots released on July 12 show the star actor dressed in the traditional swordsman uniform from the Koryo-era, with a much longer hairstyle that gives him a completely new look. It looks like he’s shed some weight for the drama, where he will appear alongside Kim Hee Sun, but his charismatic “glare” still seems to be fully intact, regardless of his changed style.

“Despite the short break time, Lee Min Ho has been fully absorbed with the character Choi Young, constantly going over the script and showing high-level acting. He’s an experienced actor, so we’re expecting even more from him moving forward,” a staff member was quoted as saying.

“Faith” is a fantasy action drama series based on a time-traveling storyline, where the plastic surgeon Yoo Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) flies back in time to treat the King. The first episode is set to air on August 13.