T-ara’s Jiyeon is Close with Her Brother

On the most recent episode of KBS “Star Life Theater,” the camera crew visited T-ara at their dance practice room. During a break, the camera caught Jiyeon having a friendly video chatting session with someone on her phone.

It turns out, Jiyeon was talking to her older brother on the phone. They are talking so sweetly to each other that the camera crew thought Jiyeon was talking to a boyfriend. One of the staff members from “Star Life Theater” asked Jiyeon’s older brother, “How’s Jiyeon off-camera, usually?” He answered, “She’s not really feminine. But she is pretty easy-going.”

The staff member asked again, “Does she take care of you when she’s home?” He responded, “Yes, she does.” Jiyeon talked about her brother after the sibling video chatting was over, “My brother is really nice. Whenever I’m having a hard time and I call him, he tells me that I’m not the only one struggling in the world. I know it’s a little cold, but it’s the much needed wake-up call I needed.”