Idol Stars Show Off Their Artistic Skills

Chi Chi‘s Shine recently revealed her artistic skills on twitter. She posted a pencil drawing that she had done when she was 16 years old and commented, “Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday~~!!! I would like to repay you all for your kindness with this drawing I did when I was 16!” The revealed pencil-drawing shows a caucasian woman wearing a formal hat garnished with huge flower decorations. The distinct shading in this drawing makes the drawing look as if it’s a black and white photo.

Netizens commented, “It looks like she just uploaded a real picture,” “She’s pretty AND talented,” “Now you’re the fourth member of ‘Idol Artists’ clan,” “Is there something you can’t do? This is unfair…” “You drew that when you were 16?” and “I didn’t know it was Shine’s birthday. Happy birthday~”

Previously, Rainbow‘s Jaekyung, Girls Day‘s Yura, and A Pink‘s Na Eun have garnered much attention on the internet as “Idol Artists” with their exceptional talent in drawing. Now with Chi Chi’s Shine as a prospective member of “Idol Artists,” netizens are wondering which talented idol will surprise them next.