Min Hyorin Admits to Plastic Surgery

Actress Min Hyorin appeared on the most recent episode of “One Night TV Entertainment” and talked about plastic surgery. Through “Fast Ball Interview,” Cha Tae Hyun asked Min Hyorin, “People think of your perfect nose when they hear the name Min Hyorin. Where did you get that done?”

Min Hyorin responded, “I swear to god I didn’t get any plastic surgery on my nose. It’s the way my parents gave me. I’ve got an X-ray picture to prove that.” Oh Ji Ho, who was at the interview with Min Hyorin, confirmed, “Yeah, I’ve seen that X-ray picture. Isn’t your manager always carrying that around? She’s always been that way.” Min Hyorin added, “I didn’t get a nose job. I got my eyelids done, but my nose is all natural.”

Cha Tae Hyun was caught off guard with Min Hyorin’s unexpected confession and couldn’t help but to burst into a laughter. He humorously scolded her, “That was an unnecessary confession. Why would you tell me something I didn’t ask?”