JYJ’s Junsu Takes Photo With Musical Composer Sylvester Levay

On July 11, JYJ member Kim Junsu posted a photo on his Twitter titled, “I love you, Teacher Levay“.

This photo shows Kim Junsu and Sylvester Levay standing in front of a beautiful waterfall flashing “V” signs with their hands. Kim Junsu sports a red hairstyle and sunglasses. Due to the closeness of their poses, the two men give an air of amiability and friendship.

Sylvester Levay is a well known music composer whose notable contributions include films “Scarface”, “Bambi”, and musicals such as Kim Junsu’s very own “Mozart!” and “Elizabeth“. In the light of their most recent concert in Germany, Kim Junsu expressed his happiness stating, ” I am so happy to be in Germany, the home of the composer “Mozart!” and “Elizabeth” Sylvester Levay, who has also been like a father to me.”

Netizens who saw this photo responded in awe, posting comments such as, ” Wow he’s close to a world famous composer, like father and son”, ” They worked on two musicals together”, and “His red hair is very eye catching”.