Wonder Girls Release Japanese Ver. MV for “Nobody”

The Wonder Girls‘ 2008 mega hit “Nobody” has returned! This time they will be using the new Japanese version of the song for their Japanese debut.

For the music video they stayed with their retro concept. Starting out in bright neon colored dresses, they perform on a small stage while using old-fashioned microphone stands. The scene later changed to a larger studio in which they are all wearing gold dresses and are joined by a live band.

Their debut Japanese EP “Nobody for Everybody” is set to be released on July 25. Three different versions will be available, each containing a DVD or bonus track. Also included in the EP are the Korean and English version of “Nobody,” “Be My Baby,” and “Saying I Love You.”

Despite being one of the top girl groups in Korea, the Wonder Girls have surprisingly not yet made their official debut in Japan. For their Japanese promotions, they are under DefStar Records, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music Japan.

Aside from the original Korean version of the song, English and Chinese versions have been previously released. This makes the Japanese version the fourth language the song has been released in.