Lena Park Releases MV for “I Am Sorry”

After releasing her 8th studio album “Parallax” last month,  Lena Park (also known as Park Jung Hyun) has now released her music video for her title track “I Am Sorry.” Popular actor Cha Seung Won is also featured in the music video.

“I Am Sorry” is a cover of the Spanish language song “Mientes” by Mexican pop band Camila. The lyrics contain the complex feelings of sadness, resentment, apology, and relief of no longer being able to trust in one’s loved one

From the music video’s description, “The title of the album, ‘parallax’, stands for the term in astrology, in which there is a difference in the direction when looking at the celestial bodies from two different points. By working with musicians who understand her, Park Jung-Hyun has created a superb result with “parallax” by finding a new and fresh direction by comparing it with her previous music.”

While it has been three years since her last album , Lena Park had continued to stay popular through appearing on “I Am A Singer.”