Still Cuts from “BEAST Body Art” DVD Unleashed

BEAST will be coming back soon on July 22! Recently still cuts of the filming for BEAST’s “BEAST Body Art” DVD was released. BEAST was chosen as the goodwill ambassadors for “Body Art” on April 2012.

In the introduced pictures BEAST is shown wearing black tracksuits and focusing completely on their body art.

BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon stated, “We tried very hard in order to show our maturity and manliness through our performances. This is the same as how we tried to grow through our music. Currently we are maintaining our body condition in order to show even more upgraded performances and visuals.”

The CEO of Body Art Korea stated, “Although the different moves look very simple, you have to focus very much for each pose and soon you become covered in sweat. However, the different techniques actually wake up all of your muscles and the BEAST members felt refreshed.”

The “BEAST Body Art” DVD will be Japan this coming September.