T-ara’s Eunjung Shows Her “Clean Freak” Side?

T-ara’s Eunjung showed her excessively clean personality on the July 12 episode of KBS “Star Life Theater.”

During the show, Eunjung let the filming team of the show step into her room and film the decorations. But as soon as the room was opened, Eunjung quickly moved something back to its original position, blaming her mom for forgetting to keep everything in the right place.

Eunjung said she usually cleans her own room most of the time, but it takes a long time to decide how to clean it. “It takes over 20 minutes for me just to decide where to put my personal items. I don’t know why. I try rearranging the items and even change the colors at times. I guess that’s why I go to sleep so late,” she explained.

In fact, Eunjung’s room did have everything aligned perfectly, and its overall white and pink decoration explained what the other T-ara members meant by Eunjung’s “clean freak” nature earlier in the show.

Netizens commented, “That’s something unexpected,” “Eunjung is so down to earth, but her room is surprisingly clean,” and “When will I get to step into that room?”

(Check out the clip of the show here!)