T-ara Soon to Open Tickets for First Exclusive Concert

Tickets for T-ara’s first exclusive solo concert will be available on July 17 at 8 PM (KST).

This concert will take place on August 11 at 7 PM in Jamsil Indoor Sports Stadium. During the concert, T-ara will perform their popular songs such as “Day By Day,” “Lovey-Dovey,” “Roly Poly, and ” “Bo Peep Bo Peep.”

There is a total of 6,500 seats available at the venue. It has been announced that 4900 seats have already been sold to fans living in Korea. The remaining seats will be available for purchase to all fans on July 17.

Also, members of T-ara’s fan club, “QUEEN,” will receive special privileges such as the chance to purchase tickets earlier on July 16 at 8 PM with a ten percent discount.

T-ara announced, “If you attend our concert, you will definitely see a different side of T-ara that we have never revealed in T.V. programs so please come and support us! For those who are coming, we will see you at the concert!”

Meanwhile, members of T-ara are currently busy appearing on music programs and variety shows in order to promote their new mini album “Day By Day.” They are also preparing for their upcoming fanclub meeting that will be held on July 14.