[Recap] A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 2

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 2 Recap!

So..~ I’ve been following “A Gentleman’s Dignity” pretty closely, and decided that I would try out recapping. We have a new gallery function for Soompi, and I thought that it might be fun to read through a recap with the gallery feature! (Kind of like a comic book maybe?)

Anyways I hope you enjoy! Remember to leave comments, I enjoy reading your thoughts on the drama!

Because all the names are too long to write out here are the names that I will use for this recap:

The four gentleman together: 4G

Jang Dong Gun – Kim Do Jin: Dojin

Kim Ha Neul – Seo Yi Soo: Yisoo

Kim Soo Ro – Im Tae San: Taesan

Kim Min Jong – Choi Yoon: Yoon

Lee Jong Hyuk – Lee Jung Rok: Rok

Yoon Se Ah – Hong Se Ra: Hong Pro

Kimg Jung Nan – Park Min Sook: Minsook

Yoon Jin Yi – Im Me Ah Ri: Meahri

Lee Jong Hyun as Collin

Kim Woo Bin – Kim Dong Hyub (YiSoo’s student): Donghyub

The 4G are together, Dojin is wondering how Taesan doesn’t know somebody likes him. (Yisoo) Then he tries to quote Confucius saying that they are at an age where they won’t be seduced easily. But as a hot girl passes by, they can’t help but check her out!

Yisoo doesn’t know what to do about Dojin because of the settlement (In the past episode, Dojin got beat up by Yisoo’s students. She is trying to help the students get a settlement from Dojin so that they don’t get sued) and the fact that he knows her deep dark secret! (Her feelings for Taesan)

 Yisoo goes to Dojin with students to apologize. REJECTED!

Yisoo brings Dojin coffee, finds out what he likes through Rok. But, Dojin just forces her to wait again inside his office.

Dojin leaves on Yisoo, she begins writing a gazillion post-it notes. She leaves the note in front of the café glass wall.


Meahri is coming back to South Korea, is sitting next to Collin while watching “Secret Garden.”

Hong Pro goes to visit Taesan, she looks beautiful. The reason is so that she has to go battle! While walking away with a goodbye, Taesan assists her and the two are back together again. (Looks like the two are going to continue and have an up and down relationship)


Who is Collin? This will probably be a big mystery of the show as Collin has a picture of the 4g in a diary.

Meahri is back but wants to live with Yisoo and Hong Pro, she gets her way for now!

Dojin has visited and asks for his voice recorder/pen. Yisoo denies it at first, but she actually has it. Also, Dojin ends up reading some of her post-it notes.

Taesan, Yoon, and Dojin are together. Yoon is asking if Dojin hasn’t settled things with Yisoo yet. However, they suddenly realize that Rok has disappeared. (He has gone off to cheat on his wife)

They go to a karaoke and set things up to make it seem like they were having a party together.


Rok’s wife suggests that they have real fun and call helper girls over. (Girls that pour drinks at a Karaoke)

Meahri appears in front of the 4G but she hugs Yoon first instead of Taesan. (Who is her older brother)

Dojin tells Yoon that Meahri has grown up and she is pretty. Yoon doesn’t say much about it. Dojin suggests, “It looks like you are somebody’s first love, that hasn’t ended yet.”

Dojin and Yisoo are having dinner together. He calls Taesan and one of the girls that he is meeting. Dojin is trying to get Yisoo to tell Taesan her feelings, or just mess around with her.

 Yisoo goes to Dojin the next day, and he writes a settlement into the dirt.

 Yisoo goes to Dojin again, and he writes a settlement agreement into the coffee cup cover.

 Yisoo has meant to send a text to Taesan but sends it to Dojin by accident.

Finally Dojin and Yisoo are eating dinner together. Dojin asks why she likes Taesan. But, he also tells her that he has liked Yisoo the first moment he met her. Yisoo states to Dojin that she is going to be fine by herself with her unrequited love, she asks Dojin to buzz off and keep her secret.


Meahri and Yisoo are drunk together and decide to buy chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Meahri in her drunken state sends out the chocolates to Taesan in Yisoo’s name.

Yisoo finds out and goes quickly to Dojin and Taesan’s office to stop the delivery.

However, she is in luck because Dojin was in the middle of putting the chocolates on his desk (or trying to find out who sent them?)

Taesan arrives at the scene and Yisoo is forced to state that she has bought the chocolates for Dojin and likes him.

Taesan looks utterly confused. (Hehe)


In this episode, we figure out what the format of the drama will be. The main focus of the drama is Dojin and Yisoo’s relationship. However, on the sidelines there are three other romances going on and a bunch of entertaining things are going on at the same time!

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