f(x)’s Victoria Wants Fresh Fruit over Chicken Brain Now

Perhaps in a way to cool down some of the shocked fans from her recent comments regarding her love for exotic foods, f(x)’s Victoria shared a picture of a meal comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables.

On July 13, Victoria wrote on her Twitter, “It’s summer. Not chicken brain, but my healthy food. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.” In the photo, Victoria is just about to indulge on a cherry tomato, with a plate full of fresh salad and orange in front of her.

The “chicken brain” is in reference to the comment she made during this week’s “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” where she said, “In China, I also eat chicken brain. It tastes like tofu. I enjoy fish’s eye too. Oh, and I also eat pig skin, raw beef liver, and beef tongue.”

Netizens commented, “Who said she’s barbaric?” “I love chicken brain,” and “She kind of looks freaky in that photo.”