T-ara Jiyeon’s Wish of Visiting Parents at Home Comes True

On July 12, Jiyeon from T-ara posted on twitter, “My dream has come true finally. I’m at home with my parents…this is the first time in 4 years. I’m going to ask my mom to make me ddukbokki tonight.” It is a known fact that Jiyeon and other T-ara members seldom get to visit their families at home or spend time with them.

Recently, Jiyeon’s father surprised everyone, including Jiyeon, at T-ara’s autograph signing event by showing up. As soon as he reached the front of the line, Jiyeon’s father hugged his daughter tightly. He left after only a few minutes and said, “I came just to see you. I’m leaving now.” Jiyeon as well as other T-ara members shed tears over this emotional reunion.

Netizens commented on Jiyeon’s twitter mention, “Congratulations!” “Have a great time with your family,” “First time in four years…? Oh god, I don’t believe it.” and “I feel so bad. Enjoy your mom’s homemade ddukbokki.”