Eun Ji Won Speaks Out About How Fans Were Different Back in the 90s

On July 12, upcoming tvN drama “Answer Me 1997” had a press conference in Seoul, South Korea. Seo In Gook, A Pink‘s Eunji, Eun Ji Won, Shin So Yul, Lee Si Uhn, and Infinite‘s Hoya were at the press conference as members of the cast.

At this event, Eun Ji Won looked back at his Sechs Kies days and commented, “Back in the 90s, fans had to physically go to different places to see their favorite idols. But now, these idols are one click away. I understand that fans liking and admiring someone have remained the same throughout the years. However, I would like to give more credits to the fans in 1990s since it took much more effort for them.”

Hoya refuted Eun Ji Won’s opinion, “I believe that the fans’ passion for their idols are incomparable. They are all very passionate in liking their favorite artists.” People interpreted such rebuttal as Hoya’s attempt at siding with his fans and all the other idol fans of today. Eun Ji Won responded, “I understand that. But back in the day, fans would bring in handwritten fan letters in big sacks. I think it was more physically demanding for the fans in 1990s.”

Eun Ji Won also told the audience an anecdote about his experience with passionate fans in 1990s. He told, “The most memorable fans from my Sechs Kies days are these two girls who climbed over the brick walls around my house when I was living with my parents. This place had really high walls and not even a professional burglar could climb over them. These two girls managed to get into my house without hurting themselves or alarming anyone. They were hiding somewhere in the yard and came out saying ‘Oppa!’ when they saw me. I was really surprised.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s new drama “Answer Me 1997” takes place in Busan in 1990s and talks about the lives of six high school students. In the drama, two of the main characters get married in 2012 and the classmates come together to talk about their ups and downs as teenagers in 1997. Eun Ji Won plays the role of Do Hak Chan, the popular guy who’s got everything, is admired by everyone, and is especially fond of adult movies. As “Answer Me 1997” portrays the stories of the first generation idol fans, viewers and netizens are anticipating to see what kind of acting Eun Ji Won would contribute to this drama.

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