Lee Jang Woo Angers Eunjung on “We Got Married”

In the upcoming episode of “We Got Married,” Lee Jang Woo and T-ara‘s Eunjung reunited after three months since their wedding in Lombok island, Indonesia. Lee Jang Woo’s birthday was in June, while the couple was apart. Eunjung had to travel overseas on his birthday and as a result, she was unable to celebrate Lee Jang Woo’s birthday with him.

Eunjung seemed upset that she was not there for Lee Jang Woo’s birthday, so he tried to make her feel better. He said, “Uee was there for me, she wished me a happy birthday and got me a present. It’s okay.” However, his attempt at making Eunjung feel better failed miserably when he continued talking. He added, “You know about infidelity? Receiving a gift from another woman while being away from my partner got me thinking: I understand how people and relationships could get faltered with things like that.”

More about Lee Jang Woo’s unexpected statement and Eunjung’s response will be shown in the upcoming episode of “We Got Married” on July 14 at 5:15pm KST.