JYP: “For SBS ‘K-POP STAR 2’ I Am Going To Be an Expressionless Judge”

Singer and Producer Park Jin Young stated that he will not show facial expressions for the upcoming “SBS K-POP STAR 2“.

On July 11, during SBS’Entertainment Tonight,” the team met up with ‘K-POP STAR 2’ judges Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and BoA during their promotional photo shoot for the new season.

Park Jin Young made a statement saying, “In regards to ‘K-POP STAR 2’ I will not show my facial expressions.” In response, BoA stated, “As soon as the music starts, I think Park Jin Young will still say ‘Ahh!’ and express how he feels about the music”. Upon hearing her comment, Park Jin Young couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

In the first season of “K-POP STAR,” Park Jin Young was known for showing a variety of facial expressions during contestants’ performances.

Do you agree with BoA, or think that he will be able to hide his facial expressions?