New Albums And Singles Preview – July Week 2

B.A.P 1st mini-album – No Mercy (July 19)

01 Goodbye
02 No Mercy
03 Voice Message
04 Dancing in the Rain
05 What My Heart Tells Me to Do

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B.A.P finally releases their long awaited first mini-album titled, “No Mercy” this summer. The boys have had much success with their previous singles, “Warrior” and “Power” and returns with “No Mercy.” It is a powerful number with hip-hop rhythms and rock riffs. The song starts off with Bang Yong Gook and Zelo’s dialect rap which flow well with the drums and clapping. Another number worth mentioning is “Goodbye,” a song with a powerful message about never fearing a new start.

Psy Vol. 6 Part 1 (July 18)

01 Troublemaker (feat. G-Dragon)
02 Hot Greeting (feat. Sung Shi Kyung)
03 Gangnam Style
04 77 Considerations (feat. Leessang, Kim Jin Pyo)
05 How Do You Think It Was (feat. Park Jung Hyun)
06 Never Say Goodbye (feat. Yoon Do Hyun)

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Psy makes a comeback after two years with part one of his sixth full-length album. There are a total of six star-studded tracks that are expected to be a hit this summer. These top artists include G-Dragon, Sung Shi Kyung, Park Jung Hyun, among more. The title track this time around is “Gangnam Style” which was composed and penned by Psy himself. It is also said that the singer choreographed the dance to the song. Psy will have his comeback performance on July 15th.

NS Yoon G 2nd mini-album – Skinship (July 18)

01 I Am Hot
02 Caught You
03 Love
04 Annoy
05 Caught You (Break Version)
06 Caught You (MR)

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NS Yoon G makes a comeback with a bang with her second mini-album, “Skinship.” This time around, the singer returns with “rocking-tronic” sounds which meshes both rock and electronic sounds. The title track is “Caught You,” a dramatic number that incorporates both synth and guitar sounds. Also included in this album is groovy lay-back R&B number, “Love” and dance track, “I Am Hot.”

Wonder Girls (single) – Like Money (released)

01 Like Money (feat. Akon)

Wonder Girls collaborates with top hip-hop artist, Akon for their latest digital single, “Like Money.” It is a trendy electronic number produced by Lee Woo Suk (Rainstone) and penned by Cri$tyle, who has also worked with various top artists such as Rihanna.

2PM (single) – Share The Beat (released)

01 Share the Beat (Full Version)

2PM is the face for Coca Cola as they root on the Korean team for the upcoming London Olympics. This upbeat song is expected to give listeners energy as they listen to it this summer.