T-ara’s Hyomin Reveals Secret To Getting a Doll-like Body

Hyomin’s photo of her working out with a gym ball has been gaining people’s attention. On July 12, she wrote on her twitter, “This summer, will exercise with gym ball.” She also revealed a picture.

In the photo, Hyomin is sitting on the gym ball while wearing black leggings with a sleeveless top over a white tank top. With her brown hair flowing down and her tennis shoes on, her pose makes her look like a mannequin. The images of her sitting on the gym ball or stretching while her legs are on either side of it reveal her slimness and flexibility.

In response to her gym ball exercise, netizens commented, “She’s flexible,” “Face doesn’t look like Hyomin,” “You can’t help but fall for her charm the more you get to know her,” “She looks like a doll,” and “Do you lose weight if you use the gym ball?”