BEAST Releases MV Teaser for “Midnight Sun” Comeback!

Amid the summer batch of comebacks, BEAST has begun taking steps towards their highly anticipated comeback!

Today Cube Entertainment released the music video teaser for their title track, “Midnight Sun.”

Jun Hyung, Ki Kwang, Yoseob, Dong Woon, Doo Joon, and Hyun Seung take to the streets of New York City to film their music video. As promised by Cube Entertainment, the idol boys show a different musical style and visual image — dressed down in casual street wear, and a variety of blonde, red, lime, and orange hairstyles!

BEAST’s 5th mini-album entitled “Midnight Sun” will drop on July 22. This release comes over a year since their previous hit “Fiction” in their full-length album “Fiction and Fact” from May 2011.

Until then, check out their teaser below, and tell us what you think!