Park Han Byul Shows Off Her Long Legs

On July 12, actress Park Han Byul posted on her Twitter, “Cute and comfortable ‘can can’ skirt. Alright. Those of you who haven’t seen “Two Moons,” it is time to go see the late night showing,” along with a photo of herself.

In the photo, Park is flaunting a casual style with a white hooded sweatshirt, a mini “can can” skirt, and white sneakers. She is also making cute “v” signs with her two hands.

Her long and slender crane-like legs were especially noted by netizens who were thoroughly impressed.

Netizens commented, “Her legs are crane legs,” “How do you still get proportions like that while wearing sneakers?”, “She’s too thin. It looks like she should gain some weight,” and “I wish I could have superfine and thin legs like that just once.”

Meanwhile, Park Han Byul played the role of the horror novelist So Hee in “Two Moons.”