Kim Jae Won To Work With Han Ji Hye In New Drama “May Queen”

Actor Kim Jae Won will be taking part as the protagonist of the new MBC drama “May Queen,” which is scheduled to air on August 8.

According to Kim’s agency on July 13, ‘May Queen’ is a work focused on the dreams and aspirations of students devoted in the shipbuilding industry. Kim will be playing the role of Kang San, the free-spirited and liberal successor of Hae Poong Group.

Kang San has the talent of never forgetting anything he’s seen once and gradually matures as he falls in love with a woman.

Actress Han Ji Hye will be playing the role of Hae Joo, the girl Kim Jae Won’s character will be wooing. Kim will also be forming a love rivalry with actor Jae Hee, who will be playing the role of Chang Hee.