Dasom and Sulli Show Off Their Close Friendship

f(x)’s Sulli and SISTAR’s Dasom showed off their growing beauty recently. On July 14, a message was tweeted onto SISTAR’s official twitter saying, “Sulli and Dasom. Peach Sulli, my other self, is cute.” Along with the tweet, a photo was uploaded.

In the picture, Dasom and Sulli are making a somewhat silly expression with their pouty lips while taking a photo together. They are both showing off their clear, white skin with a little touch of pink blush on their cheeks. Dasom is emphasizing her sexiness with a top that reveals her collarbone and shoulders.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Beauty battle,” “Not better or worse. Same,” “Don’t compare. Dasom is no match to Sulli,” “Surprising relationship,” and “Innocent Sulli and sexy Dasom.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR is busy promoting “Loving U” while f(x) is busy with “Electric Shock.”