After School’s Lizzy Studied Racy Movies to Become Sexy

After School’s Lizzy confessed, “I watched racy movies to study sexy expressions for the stage,” much to everyone’s surprise. On July 13, After School made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’sBoom’s Young Street” and shared stories about each other.

During the show, MC Boom asked, “Lizzy, you come off as the cutesy, adorable kind, yet your title track ‘Flashback’ is a sexy concept. Was it difficult for you to adapt [to the sexy image]?” Lizzy answered, “It was stressful pretending to be sexy when I’m not.” She explained, “I asked Uee unnie how I could be more sexy and she told me to think raunchy thoughts. So, I started watching a lot of adult videos.”

Surprised, Uee stated, “I meant for her to watch Beyonce’s videos or others where artists make sexy expressions.” She asked Lizzy, “You watched adult videos?!” Lizzy replied, “Jung Ah unnie saw it with me.” However, Lizzy revealed that the videos did not help and that she observed Joo Yeon’s expressions and practiced them when she was alone in the dark.