miss A Suzy’s Wedding Picture Gaining More Attention!

Currently, miss A Suzy’s wedding dress photo is gaining a lot of attention. On the July 11 episode of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” a picture from the CF filming site was shown of Suzy wearing a wedding dress.

After the CF and also the broadcasted episode of “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Suzy has gained the nicknames “Wedding Suzy” and “Dressuzy.”

The wedding dress picture of Suzy was for the computer game “Sudden Attack.” She is the main model for the Sudden Attack teaser page, and appears in different TV CFs. Suzy is helping to promote a new update to the game.

Netizens that have come across her wedding dress picture stated, “Wow she looks so good in a wedding dress,” “How could somebody look like that?” and “She is an angel.”