[Recap] A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 15

[Recap] A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 15

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 15 Recap!

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Phew another great weekend of “A Gentleman’s Dignity.” I had actually suffered from food poisoning for a while, so for the weekend three of my friends came over and we ate while we watched this episode together. We were also a group of 4! Although, we were very different from the good looking guys on the show. Harhar.

Anyways I hope you enjoy! Remember to leave comments, I enjoy reading your thoughts on the drama!

Because all the names are too long to write out here are the names that I will use for this recap:

The four gentleman together: 4G

Jang Dong Gun – Kim Do Jin: Dojin

Kim Ha Neul – Seo Yi Soo: Yisoo

Kim Soo Ro – Im Tae San: Taesan

Kim Min Jong – Choi Yoon: Yoon

Lee Jong Hyuk – Lee Jung Rok: Rok

Yoon Se Ah – Hong Se Ra: Hong Pro

Kimg Jung Nan – Park Min Sook: Minsook

Yoon Jin Yi – Im Me Ah Ri: Meahri

Lee Jong Hyun as Collin

Kim Woo Bin – Kim Dong Hyub (YiSoo’s student): Donghyub

Park Joo Mi – Kim Eun Hee (Do Jin’s Ex, Collin’s Mother): Eun Hee

The first funny scene of episode 15 shows the 4G going to their mandatory military training. (After their military service is over, Korean men have to go to training sessions once a year.) During the training session they are extremely mean to a junior.


Dojin and Taesan are meeting a client with the 4G and they realize that the junior they were mean to is none other than their client’s son!

Back to the end of Episode 14, we are with Yisoo, Dojin, and Eun Hee. DUN DUN DUN! Yisoo says that she doesn’t want to be put in these kinds of situations again.

Inside Yoon’s office, Yoon confirms to Dojin that Collin is indeed Dojin’s son. Collin had said, “Does he (Dojin) have a lot of money?” The question remains, what will Dojin do with Collin?

Yisoo is heartbroken and in a daze. Hong Pro arrives and Yisoo tells her that she met the 4G’s first love.

Meahri arrives and Yisoo is lying down on her bed. Meahri asks Yisoo what Eun Hee was like. Yisoo says that she was extremely jealous to somebody older than her.

Taesan, Yoon, and Rok are at Rok’s café. Taesan exclaims that because they are basically his uncles, they should buy him clothes and get closer to him. They wanted to meet Collin at a place that highschoolers like but they are completely off.


Yisoo was at school but Donghyub wasn’t there. So, she goes to the restaurant where Donghyub is working. When asked if he actually hit the other student and made him do his work.

Yisoo and Eun Hee meet together. Eun Hee explains how she ended up having Collin alone and the general situation.


The rest of the 4g are worried about Dojin and think of what they should do.

 They decide to make Yisoo and Dojin meet together. However the two don’t say a word, and Yisoo leaves saying that she is busy.

 Yisoo goes to apologize to the student’s mother. Things aren’t going well until Minsook is there by chance! (The mother of the child who Donghyub hit) Minsook acts like Dong Hyub is her nephew. Because of that the mother says that there will be no lawsuit. (POWER to Minsook!)

Minsook and Yisoo sit down together. Minsook helps Yisoo realize that despite how it is difficult to take in the whole “Collin” situation, she still has feelings.


 Both Dojin and Yisoo hear a song that reminds them of each other. Dojin cries for the first time on the show.

Meahri has bought couple bracelets to share with Yoon. He tells her to take it away. Yoon says, “I have been friend with Taesan (Her Brother) longer than you have been alive.” “For the rest of our lives we have to see each other, we can’t be together because it would break that.”

 Meahri is drunk and depressed singing by herself at a karaoke. Taesan arrives and scolds her saying that if she continues on he will call Yoon saying that they are going to end their friendship.

 Yisoo is in front of Dojin’s house. She basically demands that they break up in her way. (Whenever Yisoo calls Dojin out he has to come out. )

Yisoo makes Dojin come to a street and she just walks away after seeing him.

Yisoo is reading a book on her own while Dojin waits.

 Dojin is one seat away from Yisoo in a movie theater. She gets knocked over and Dojin helps her out but she coldly says, “Let go of me, you pushed me even harder than that man.”

Dojin stands there thinking about the times that he was mean to Yisoo. Dojin apologizes at each moment in his head.

In front of the café building, Meahri has parked Hong Pro’s car. Hong Pro is shocked and angered at this fact, now she knows that Taesan knows about the money!


Hong Pro goes to visit Minsook to figure out what has happened. She is angered at the fact that Taesan has paid back Hong Pro’s debt!

 Dojin is talking with Eun Hee. Eun Hee has heard about Dojin’s condition and she thinks that it is better. (8 Years ago, Eun Hee had went to Dojin, but he doesn’t remember anything) and he decides to raise Collin in Korea for a while.

Dojin is eating with Yisoo and suddenly she has to leave. Dojin asks where she is going and she states that she is going to see her mother. Yisoo coldly says, “Oh, my mother left her own daughter and raised other kids for twenty years. Do you want to go and hear some tips? Let go of me unless you are going to go with me.”

Thoughts: Well not really my thoughts but this is the feedback that my friends had. Basically, my friends complained saying that this drama will raise up the expectations of girls again. What guy in his right mind would act like Dojin? They also exclaimed that Yisoo was being overly cruel. My friends also commented that the drama seems to have male characters that are all too unreal as in perfect men.

Haha, that gave me a hoot.

What are your thoughts, is this drama too far-fetched?

How does this article make you feel?


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