Wonder Girls’ Sunye Gets a New Ride

The Wonder Girls’ Sunye apparently treated herself to a new car recently, as she tweeted a “proof shot” of her new ride on Twitter.

On July 16, Sunye tweeted, “HONDA cr-z Thank you! I’ll make sure to drive safely haha.” In the accompanying photo, Sunye is smiling at the camera with the seat belt on, dressed in a see-through black shirt. The Cr-Z is a hybrid sports car model manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda, and it goes for over $30,000 USD in Korea.

Fans have especially taken note of the “I’ll drive safely” part of her tweet since she’s known for being a rough driver. In fact, on July 9, the Wonder Girls appeared on MBC “Come to Play” and said, “Sunye turns into a fierce animal once she grabs the steering wheel. It’s so scary we can’t get on her car.”

Netizens commented, “Yes, please make sure you drive safely,” “I wonder what color it is,” and “What is that mouth supposed to mean?”