B.A.P Ranks #1 on Malaysian K-Pop Chart

Popular group B.A.P tops Malaysian K-Pop chart.

On July 16, B.A.P appeared on top of Malaysian 8TV’s (which is one of the biggest broadcast channels in the country) “Nite Live” K-Pop chart. During the recent broadcast the group’s previous hit single, “Power” had been crowned this week’s number one song.

The group has gained much attention for their accomplishment as they were able to beat out some major competition, such as Big Bang’s “Monster,” Kim Junsu’s “Tarantallegra,” and Infinite’s “Chaser.”

Earlier this month, the members appeared as guests on 8TV’s most popular audition program, “Showdown 2012.” The group then conducted a special performance to close out the show. Their special appearance gained the program close to 700,000 viewers who tuned in specifically to watch the group. A few days later, B.A.P held a showcase for fans in Malaysia’s capital.

8TV considers B.A.P a huge, rising star in the K-Pop industry, because of this the channel has covered the majority of the group’s press conferences, interviews, and showcases on their real-time shows. The 8TV staff continues to film the group’s individual activities and is even developing a program just for B.A.P.

Also, this month B.A.P is set to release their first mini-album in Korea.

Congratulations to B.A.P!