Eunjung’s Mom Opens a Cafe in Seoul

A luxury café run by the mother of T-ara’s Eunjung has become a hot issue with netizens.

Recently, through an online community bulletin board a photo of the two-story establishment was made public. It was revealed to be a luxury café which is owned by Eunjung’s mother. The photo gained much attention from netizens.

In the photo the café appears to be very clean and modern. The location of the café is somewhere in Seoul.

Earlier this month, Eunjung had made a post to her Twitter openly advertising her mother’s new business, “The sandwiches, waffles, and rice cakes at my mom’s café are really good. So is the coffee and shaved ice. I come in from time to time. Please do visit often.”

It is known that Eunjung has a close relationship with her mother so she frequents the café in between scheduled events to visit and have some coffee and a bite to eat.

Netizens responded saying, “Oh, the building looks so beautiful,” “I wonder if Eunjung bought that for her mother,” “It is so luxurious and modern,” “They have such a close relationship,” and “If I go there will I be able to meet Eunjung?”