Big Bang’s G-Dragon Opens Twitter Account

Big Bang’s G-Dragon joined the Twitter craze, opening his official account several hours ago. Since then, he has left three tweets, two to his group mate Taeyang and another to YG producer Choice37. Choice37 first tweeted, “Helllllllooooo,” to which GD replied, “yo now I’m doin this. OMG.” Initially, many fans were skeptical as to whether the account IBGDRGN belonged to the real GD. However, his account has been verified through tweets between GD and Taeyang.

GD wrote to his fellow member, “Man what you doin? I’m finished now,” and Taeyang replied, “My man GD right here!” GD added, “yessir!! Ah but I have no idea what’s what here.”

Since he opened his account, the number of his followers has increased exponentially. It’s been approximately five hours since he opened his account, and he already has more than 100,000 followers.

Netizens commented, “He has a twitter account now? Yay,” “Look at the number of his followers,” “How cute, he’s confused with how Twitter works. Don’t worry oppa, it’s not hart,” “I’m so glad! Please tweet often,” and more.

You can follow GD on Twitter @IBGDRGN.