T-ara to Do a Pantomime Robot Dance for “Sexy Love”

We have received exciting news about T-ara’s upcoming single “Sexy Love.” For their performance it looks as though they will be doing the robot! (In case you don’t know what a robot dance is, I have included a clip at the bottom of the article. Basically, it is a type of popping where you look like a robot)

The robot dance will add in a pantomime element. (A pantomime is a type of mime where no words are spoken and everything is expressed through motions of the body)

“Sexy Love” will be released on August 15. This will be their 4th song was the Shinsadong Tiger. In the past Shinsadong Tiger worked with T-ara for their songs, “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Roly Poly” and “Lovey Dovey.”

T-ara is currently promoting the single “Day by Day.”