[Recap] A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 16

[Recap] A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 16

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 16 Recap!

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Before I start going into episode recap, I think this episode was more enjoyable than the previous one. I don’t know about you, but I get tired of rubber-band relationships pretty easily. (You know, the whole push and pull.) The two love each other SO CMON AND GET IT OVER WITH!

Anyways I hope you enjoy! Remember to leave comments, I enjoy reading your thoughts on the drama!

Because all the names are too long to write out here are the names that I will use for this recap:

The four gentleman together: 4G

Jang Dong Gun – Kim Do Jin: Dojin

Kim Ha Neul – Seo Yi Soo: Yisoo

Kim Soo Ro – Im Tae San: Taesan

Kim Min Jong – Choi Yoon: Yoon

Lee Jong Hyuk – Lee Jung Rok: Rok

Yoon Se Ah – Hong Se Ra: Hong Pro

Kimg Jung Nan – Park Min Sook: Minsook

Yoon Jin Yi – Im Me Ah Ri: Meahri

Lee Jong Hyun as Collin

Kim Woo Bin – Kim Dong Hyub (YiSoo’s student): Donghyub

Park Joo Mi – Kim Eun Hee (Do Jin’s Ex, Collin’s Mother): Eun Hee

For this episode’s “funny scene” we aren’t treated to a funny scene at all. The scene is a flashback to the day that Yoon’s wife passed away. Yoon narrates that the two lines on his arm signifies that he is close family. “One line is for friends. They have one line on their arms but two lines on their chest. The worst goodbye of my life, and the best lucks of my life (His G4 friends)

We are back to the final scene from the last episode. Yisoo goes to meet her mother. Yisoo’s mother remarried and left Yisoo when she was 12 years old. Yisoo’s step-brothers are pestering Yisoo because of inheritance problems. Dojin listened in on everything.

Dojin is called over by the G4 who have dressed up all strange in order to make him laugh.

 Each of the members even give him one of their accessories, but he is reminded of Yisoo once again because of the handkerchief.

 Yisoo was thinking about Dojin and goes to see him. She asks him if he missed her, if he will hold on to her, and not let her leave. (In terms of their relationship) Jang Dong Gun tries to explain how bad it will be for Yisoo, and she walks away frustrated.

Hong Pro comes into Yisoo’s room to talk. Hong Pro has put up the house for sale. (A continuation of her money problems)

Hong Pro has gone to Taesan demanding why he has paid her debt. The reason she is infuriated, “How can I go back to you now? (As in get back) I am so ashamed now.” Taesan replies, “You were coming back to me?” Hong Pro continues on her bout until Taesan receives a call from his mother. He rushes to the hospital where she is supposed to be.  

 But WTF? It looks like his mother has pulled a number on him, and this is actually a surprise blind date. Hong Pro observes them in the next seat. Taesan’s blind date gives off her specs. She is willing to have 2~3 kids and she is willing to cook two meals. This makes Taesan and Hong Pro laugh.

Hong Pro tells Taesan that she will pay him back. When she is about to leave, Taesan says, “Win your golf competition, I can’t wait very long.” Hong Pro exclaims, “Why are you doing this to me, are you taking pity on me?” Taesan screams in manly fashion, “Do you want to die? I love you. Come here and get hugged.” (Aww)

We are given another cute scene. Rok is giving Minsook a bicycle ride and has given her music to listen to. Because she can’t hear him he says, “Do you know what, you are the shortest, have the worst personality, eldest, and don’t’ have aegyo. Other than money what to do you have? Anyways, despite that I think you are very addicting. So like this just stay on my back.” Minsook answers, “Ok.” Rok is surprised but Minsook is actually very happy. (^^)

Dojin visits Minsook’s furniture shop to find a chair for Collin. There he runs into Minsook who tells him that she had a conversation with Yisoo. She tells him, “Do you know what you should never say after I love you? It’s, I’m sorry. Men don’t seem to understand this easy fact.

 Dojin has decorated Collin’s room but he doesn’t like it. Then, Collin changes the room decorations and Dojin doesn’t like it. Collin asks for more allowance but Dojin decides to cut it down.


 What happens? Collin pulls a prank on Dojin. (Collin goes to a real state agency and says that his father wants to sell his house.) Dojin is not impressed. Dojin decides to send Collin to school.

Yoon and Dojin have a beer together outside. Dojin exclaims that the both of them are idiots.

Yoon asks Yisoo to take care of Collin, and now Collin is going to Yisoo’s school!


 Dojin goes to Yisoo at her request for a parent-teacher 1:1 meeting.

 Collin and Donghyub become buddy-buddy but they get caught skipping class by Yisoo. Dojin has to talk with Yisoo again.

 While Dojin walks outside he hears the teachers talking behind Yisoo’s back, about how Dojin has a son.

Finally Yisoo is doing something about the situation! She forces Dojin to meet her to talk about Collin but it’s actually a picnic! Dojin once again tells Yisoo that she doesn’t have to go through with this difficult relationship. But Yisoo exclaims that she will and hugs Dojin. While they are hugging Yisoo exclaims “I don’t think this is my heartbeat beating strongly.” Then Yisoo breaks down into tears.


The two are back in Yisoo’s room, and Yisoo asks that Dojin put her to sleep because she hasn’t been able to sleep well since they broke up.

 When Yisoo has fallen asleep, Dojin goes back to his car and falls asleep. He wakes up to Yisoo’s step brothers visiting Yisoo again. In a café, Yisoo is receiving threats again. She calls her mom to not give them a penny. Then she goes into the bathroom in tears.

 She returns to her brothers who apologize to her?! Yisoo is speechless.

 Right when Yisoo is about to leave, the cashier states that Yisoo needs to pay a crazy amount of money because her “brothers” just made a ruckus. Yisoo sees a clip of what happened. Dojin arrived with the 4G and basically threatened Yisoo’s step brothers. Dojin even exclaimed his love for Yisoo.

 We are shown the 4G having gathered together to do a memorial service for Yoon’s deceased wife. Yoon’s mother-in-law says that this should be the last year that they hold this service. She exclaims, “Isn’t there a girl that likes Yoon?”

 Meahri is at Yoon’s deceased wife’s urn/grave. There she asks for her permission to continue to love Yoon. The 4G arrive and see Meahri in tears.

 Yisoo is in front of Dojin’s home, and just like he did for her, Yisoo has bought shoes for Dojin. Yisoo states, “When you come back to me, wear these shoes. On a good day. In a beautiful way.”