B.A.P Releases MV Teaser for “No Mercy”

With B.A.P‘s new mini album being released in two days, their music video teaser for title track “No Mercy” was revealed today.

From the 36 second long teaser, you can tell that the song and video will have a similar level of intensity as their previous tracks.

Their upcoming mini album, also titled “No Mercy” is set to be released on July 19. Along with the title track, four other songs included on the mini album are “Goodbye,” “Voice Message“, “Dancing in the Rain,” and “What My Heart Tells Me to Do.”

Last week they released a short animated music video for “Goodbye” which featured their Matoki bunny characters.

After having a strong debut with “Warrior” in January, they quickly came back with another EP “Power” at the end of April. With the upcoming release of “No Mercy,” they have been one of the most active groups this year as they are now entering a third promotion cycle. It seems like they will also be a tough contender for “rookie of the year.”