MBC Labor Union to Halt Strike on July 18

It has been a bitter 170 days for the MBC Labor Union and also a sad time for fans of MBC TV shows. It looks as though fans can rejoice because the labor union strike will halt beginning on July 18. The head of the MBC labor union stated, “The labor union strike will be halted on July 18 beginning on 9AM and everyone will return to work. The demand for the CEO Kim Jae Chul’s withdrawal from the company will go on in a different way. The voting for the halting of the labor union strike was unanimous in its favor.”

The MBC labor strike has been going on demanding for the MBC CEO Kim Jae Chul to step down, alleging that he is being influenced by the government. The labor union has produced “evidence” that suggests the CEO has been meeting with government officials frequently and even received funds.

What does this mean for the labor union? Is it complete failure, or did anything else happen? At least it looks as though MBC TV show fans will be able to watch their favorite shows again.