Yoo In Na Updates Her Latest Whereabouts

On July 17, Yoo In Na updated fans on her Me2Day. She wrote, “Taxi…my toes are almost frozen because of the strong air-conditioning in here. Should I tell the cab driver that I’m cold? What if the driver is still hot? Ahhh, should I or not, I’m going back and forth so many times. And now? I’m already here!” and added a picture of herself to the post.

The revealed picture shows Yoo In Na with untamed long hair flowing under black military-style cap in the backseat of a taxi. She has almost no makeup on and wearing white headphones in her ears, looking down to earth and natural. Even though she is covering herself with long hair and a hat, her beauty cannot be covered.

Netizens commented on Yoo In Na’s update, “Yoo In Na’s getting prettier since she started dating Ji Hyun Woo,” “Why didn’t you just tell the cab driver you were cold? You could’ve gotten sick,” “Ji Hyun Woo probably fell for her soft, nice personality,” “everyone gets timid from time to time, even Yoo In Na, too!” and “She’s so cute.”