f(x) Loves Public Transportation

f(x)‘s Luna, Krystal, and Amber appeared on SBS radio “Park So Hyun’s Love Game” on July 16 and talked about their public transportation experiences. During the show one of the radio listeners asked, “I heard you guys take the bus often, is this true?” DJ Park So Hyun also asked, “Do you really? Aren’t you too busy to take the bus anywhere due to your schedule?”

All three members of f(x) unanimously answered, “All the time.” Amber explained, “I’ve been going to a Korean language academy since before my debut. So I take the bus every morning like a student.” Luna said, “When we get on a bus, people seem surprised and question what they see. They are like, ‘Is that really Luna? Amber? Krystal?’ Currently I’m enrolled at an university, so I use public transportation to get to school every morning around 8-9am. A lot of people seemed to be impressed at first, saying ‘Oh! Luna!’ But now, even when they recognize me, they don’t really care anymore.”

Amber expressed her fondness of the public transportation, “The subway is my favorite. It’s so convenient!” Luna added, “My personal favorite is the bus.”