Rookie Boy Band BIGSTAR Snaps a Photo with Wooyoung

New boy band BIGSTAR revealed a snap shot with 2PM‘s Wooyoung. BIGSTAR’s FeelDog and BarRam posted on their official online cafe, “FeelDog & BarRam snaps a photo with Wooyoung hyung to celebrate our reunion!! I was so nervous about making a debut, but Wooyoung cheered me up! ^^” along with two proof shots with Wooyoung.

The revealed pictures show Wooyoung with FeelDog and BarRam in what seems to be a backstage waiting room of a music show. All three of them are smiling at the camera, holding up Wooyoung’s new solo album “23, Male, Single.” Netizens commented on these pictures, “FeelDog was really a trainee at JYP?” “The three of them look good together for some odd reason,” and “BarRam’s from JYP, too?” “Hot Boy and Sexy Lady! Good Luck!”

Both FeelDog and BarRam have won awards at JYP Entertainment‘s open auditions and served their time as JYP trainees before moving on to BIGSTAR.