G.NA’s New Hair Color

G.NA showed off a new hairstyle. On July 16, she wrote on her twitter, “Bye light brown….hello dark brown!! I changed my hair color back to a dark color. It’s Dark G.NA after quite some time. Selca party!” Along with the tweet, she revealed photos.

In the pictures, G.NA is taking photos while making various poses and expressions. She has her sunglasses on after her hair transformation was completed. Her new hairstyle shows off her chic but sexy charm.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Pretty,” “Elegant,” “She is beautiful no matter what she does,” “She looks more sexy after the change,” “G.NA is a selca goddess,” and “It suits her whatever she does.”

Meanwhile, G.NA is busy promoting her title song, “2HOT,” from her third mini album, “Bloom,” which was released in June.