CNBlue Is the New Endorser of T.G.I Friday’s

CNBlue has been named as the newest endorsers for the American restaurant chain, T.G.I Friday’s!

The boys have four different concepts for the endorsement – romantic, tough, cute and chic to capture the hearts of customers. The CF for the restaurant was shot last June 25 in a T.G.I Friday’s restaurant. It was noted that the members had remarkable teamwork even though filming went on late into the night.

On the endorsement, CNBlue said “We’re really glad to be models for a restaurant we’ve always loved. We’ll work hard to express the fun atmosphere that you can only feel here.”

Representatives from T.G.I. Friday’s added, “We chose them as our models because the powerful energy they gave off on stage was the exact ‘youthful’ and ‘fun’ image we were looking for. We hope to get closer with our consumers in the 20-30 age range through CNBlue.”

The boys released the CF for the restaurant on July 18 and will be making an appearance on the cooking channel O’live‘s ’Eat City – CNBLUE’s Love on Party on July 28. They will be having a special dish and cocktail presentation on the show.

Check out the photos and CF they shot for the video below!