Upbeat K-Pop Songs for Falling in Love

It looks like a lot of people enjoyed the previous compilation, Blissful K-Pop Songs for the Broken Heart. So I decided to do a new one with a different concept. This time as a comment suggested on the last compilation, here are songs for when you are falling in love! Not the sad type, the type of upbeat and exciting falling in love because the other person feels the same way about you! Or, it is when you are just starting out on a relationship!

1. H.O.T – Candy

This song actually should fall under a different category, because the protagonist of the song is really confused about his emotions. But you know, this does happen when you are in love, and the song just sounds so friggin happy!

Lyrics Highlight: “You are no longer alone, you have me right beside you!”

2. miss A – Touch

This song is actually about falling in love. Of course it is about falling in love after a horrible breakup. The protagonist of the song finds herself falling in love, surprised because she thought it was impossible.

Lyrics Highlight: “I believed that it would take so long for my heart to heal, but suddenly I am in your arms.”

3. Jung Yup – Nothing Better

Jung Yup got famous through this song. So many people try to sing this song in Korean karoakes and so many of them fail. *Wince*

Lyrics Highlight: “Now if you stay right next to me breathing, just like a breath, nothing better, nothing better than you.”

4. JYP – You’re the One

When JYP came back, my friends and I were impressed that he could be so fit and energetic at his age! The song itself is self-explanatory. JYP is singing that you are the only one for him.

Lyrics Highlight: “I only see you in my eyes, I only hear you in my ears, you are the only one that lives in my heart, I can’t live without you. Baby girl you’re the only one for me.”

5. Wonder Girls – Nobody

This song might not fit in this list, because the lyrics are a bit sad. The protagonist is asking why she is being pushed away. But this song is just so addicting and upbeat despite the lyrics!

Lyrics Highlight: “I want nobody nobody but you, I don’t want another, if it is not you.”

6. Girls’ Generation – Oh!

Loved the concept and everything that had to do with this song! Oppas everywhere melted to the words of Girls’ Generation. GIRLS GENERATION HURRAH!

Lyrics Highlight: “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OH I love you oppa, Ah AH Ah AH AH a lot.”

7. SISTAR – Loving U

The ever-so-cute SISTAR and their even cuter song “Loving U!” This song is a real treat because of its cutesy lyrics.

Lyrics Highlight: “I won’t let you go, I love you Woo~ woo~ Baby I’m in love with you.”

8. S.E.S – I Love You

A K-Pop classic and signature S.E.S song, these angels melted the hearts of Korean men when they first debuted. The tune is very catchy!

Lyrics Highlight: “My heart loves you the more I think about you, I am happy and I am not envious of anyone else.”

9. Kim Tae Woo – Love Rain

“Love Rain” is another K-Pop classic that men sing all the time at karaoke. The lyrics of the song generally talk about different stages in love, and a falling love rain.

Lyrics Highlight: “When it rains, if I keep following that path. If I keep walking, then I end up waiting for you.”

10. 10cm – Hug Me

This is a popular and cute song by 10cm. The protagonist is asking for hugs, and really that is most of the song.

Lyrics Highlight: “Give it to me, give it to me now. Give it to me, give it to me now. Hug me hug me hug me, I’m telling you to hug me.”

11. DBSK – Hug

Back when DBSK was altogether. The song is a real sweet love song. The lyrics are what got to me though.

Lyrics Highlight: “For one day I want to become your bed oh baby.”

12. Sechs Kies – Couple

This is a really lovey-dovey couple song, and it is also titled couple! This song was popular in Sechs Kies peak, this is another K-Pop classic.

Lyrics Highlight: “I’ve waited so long, it all seems like a dream. Now I am going to be with you, not alone anymore.”

13. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

Although Super Junior is apologizing for falling in love with someone first, I bet a lot of fans wouldn’t need that at all! This song was a lot of fun because of the dance moves and it really lit up karoakes everywhere during its peak.

Lyrics Highlight: “Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry, I first fall for you baby~”

What do you think, what is your favorite K-Pop song that you listen to when you are falling in love?