From Flab to Fab: Celeb Before and After Weight Loss Photos

These celebrities went from looking flab to fab!

Check out these before and after diet photos of Korea’s hottest stars!

Which celebrity shocked you most with their “before” photos?

2NE1’s Park Bom
In 2010, Park Bom was under netizens’ scrutiny for gaining weight. Several weeks later, she made headlines with her new lettuce diet and proved its success by looking absolutely great.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung

Earlier this year, Kang Min Kyung turned heads with her spectacular figure from a CF shoot for cosmetics brand DHC Korea. However, she surprised everyone with her rounder and chubbier past. During one TV show, she stated, “In high school, I was totally crazy over bread. Carbs are the enemy of all diets. I was shocked after seeing my first TV appearance.” She revealed that she lost 6kg (13.2lb) in just two weeks with nothing more than sweet potatoes and a secret black juice (made with black beans, black rice, and milk).

Song Hye Kyo

Everyone has moments in their lives where they may not be in their best shape. Unfortunately for celebs, those days are documented and made public for all to see. In Song Hye Kyo’s case, fans can see Song Hye Kyo’s weight progression over the years through her past dramas. Many fans can recall her chubbier appearance during dramas like “Autumn in My Heart” and “All In.”

Kang Sora

Kang Sora once used to weigh 72kg (158.7lb). In one variety show, she staged, “I love food. I used to eat an entire chicken, a whole pizza, and an entire cake by myself in one sitting. I never used to think about slices or servings. When I was heaviest, I used to weigh 72kg.” Currently, she’s listed as weighing 48kg (105.8lb) on her official profile.

After School’s UEE

Once loved for her healthy image and honey thighs, UEE recently revealed that she lost it [weight] all. She confessed, “When I debuted, I was not 51 kg (112.4lb), but now my size matches up with my profile.”

Kim Sun Ah

It’s a well-known fact that Kim Sun Ah gained 7 kg (15lb) for her role in “My Name is Kim Sam Soon,” the drama that skyrocketed her career. Since then, she’s been working to return to her original slim figure. With her return to the small screen with “I Do I Do,” she wowed viewers with her modelesque figure.

Yoon Eun Hye

As the baby of the group Baby VOX, Yoon Eun Hye was known and loved for her chubby and cute image when she first debuted. However, over the years, she underwent rigorous food-therapy programs and lost all her baby fat, becoming one of the sexiest and most popular actresses in Korea.

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica

In four years, Jessica went from chubby to scrawny to glamorous. While she was never fat, her past figure is strikingly different from her current sexy self. After rigorous exercise and a strict diet, Jessica has become one of the most gorgeous and envied K-Pop stars today.

Big Bang’s TOP

Since his debut, Big Bang’s TOP has been loved for his flawless and charismatic appearance. As such, it’s almost impossible to imagine that TOP as a heavy, let alone chubby, kid. However, he stunned his fans by revealing that he lost 20kg (44.1lb) in forty days before his debut. What motivated him to lose that much weight in such a short period of time? Being rejected by entertainment agencies because of his weight. As such, many netizens have expressed their amazement at his self-discipline and self-commitment.

4minute’s HyunA

In a past TV show, HyunA confessed that she started dieting after being compared to singer Shin Jung Hwan. The comment sparked her to undergo a strict diet, using the stairs instead of the elevator and staying away from food made with flour. Sticking to those two basic principles allowed her to lose 17kg ( 37.5lb)!

2AM’s Changmin

Before his debut, Changmin used to weigh over 100kg (220.5lb). He stuck to a relatively simple routine – eat 2 blocks of tofu and run six hours a day – and lost 30kg (66.1lb) in just six weeks.

So, let me ask you again. Which celebrity shocked you most with their “before” photos? ^ ^

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