G-Dragon Riding an Invisible Skateboard in the Studio?!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon revealed a picture of himself riding a skateboard. It looks as though he has really fallen in love with skateboarding.

On July 18, G-Dragon posted the picture of him doing the skateboard move via twitter. In the picture he is shown doing a trick with a skateboard. He has lifted up his left foot and is dressed up in a skater outfit.

In the past pictures have been shown of G-Dragon and Taeyang showing their love for skateboards. When they left for Japan G-Dragon had a skateboard in his hand. Taeyang also tweeted a picture of him riding a skateboard with G-Dragon.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “It looks like G-Dragon has really fallen in love with skateboarding,” “His love for skateboarding knows no boundaries,” and “I want to learn how to ride skateboards.”