SISTAR’s Early Career Photos Draw Mixed Reactions

SISTAR’s early career photos have been drawing mixed reactions lately after they were posted on an online community board. The photos titled, “SISTAR’s early debut photos,” have become a trending topic among Korean netizens for the group’s slightly different looks from their current style.

The photos, taken during SISTAR’s 2010 promotion for EA Mobile Games’ “Chrono’s Sword,” show the members in a black and white outfit, wearing makeup that gives them a fantasy character vibe. Bora and Hyorin, particularly, look completely different from their softer and lovelier concept of the current “Loving U” promotions.

Netizens commented, “Well, they still had that hot body back then,” “I wish I could play her in the video game,” and “I need to take complete control of her in the game.”

In case you haven’t seen it, enjoy the music video for the OST album of “Chrono’s Sword” below!