Super Junior’s Shindong Reveals a Picture of His Girlfriend?

Super Junior’s Shindong talked about having a girlfriend, and he is basically in an open relationship. (Open as in he admits to being in a relationship) It looks as though we finally get to see at least some of what she looks like.

On July 18 Shindong tweeted, “I am putting this up for the first time.” A black and white picture of Shindong and a female who appears to be his girlfriend accompanied the tweet.

The mystery girl is wearing sunglasses so you can’t really see what she looks like. However, new sources are assuming that she is none other than Shindong’s much talked about girlfriend.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Is that his girlfriend?” “I can’t really see what she looks like,” and “They look cute together.”

On the July 17 episode of SBS “Strong Heart” Shindong stated that he and his girlfriend’s relationship was in danger of ending, but they overcame that hurdle and are continuing to go out.