Beast Poses for “Elle Girl” Magazine

On the eve of Beast’s highly anticipated comeback, the group participated in a photo shoot for “Elle Girl” magazine.

To fit in the photo shoot among Beast’s busy schedule, the pictorial took place in New York, which was affected by the group’s music video being filmed abroad. In the photo set, Beast revealed their altered appearances. One of the biggest changes was to the member’s hair colors.

In the magazine photos, Beast projected their pristine boy-like looks while showing off their masculine charms. The members’ natural poses exuded their individual charisma and coupled with their stylish appearance, were capable of stopping girls’ hearts.

In the accompanying interview with Beast, the group revealed to “Elle Girl” that the day after will be their 1,000th day since debut. The group commented on their upcoming milestone, “We are so happy to have accomplished our goals we had made together as a group including winning first place on mainstream TV, winning the grand award, and even going out on a world tour.”

Beast is set to release their title track “It’s a Beautiful Night” from their comeback mini-album “Midnight Sun”on July 22.