Rookie Group AJAX Impresses Japanese Media

New idol group A-JAX is being referred to as “SS501’s Successors” by the mainstream Japanese media.

Back on July 11, A-JAX held their first Japanese showcase at the Shinagawa Stellar Bowl. The event was attended by 200 broadcast and media representatives. Reporters from various well-known TV broadcast stations as well as popular online and offline newspapers were present.

During the showcase, A-JAX performed a total of four songs for the press including a Japanese version of their debut single, “One 4 U.” The Japanese media was impressed with the rookies as they commented, “A-JAX will be SS501’s successors,” and “They will follow their agency’s senior singers SS501 and KARA and become the new leaders of the Hallyu Wave.”

Park Gyuri, member of girl group KARA, was the surprise MC for the group’s showcase. Her appearance at the event garnered much attention from the audience. “A-JAX is KARA’s little brothers. Even though they may appear powerful on stage, off stage they are cute. A-JAX and KARA are very similar,” Gyuri said about the group.

A-JAX announced their future plans in Japan. They are currently promoting their second digital single entitled, “Hot Game.” The group intends on releasing a Japanese debut single sometime in August.