SISTAR’s Soyu Shows Off Killer Waist and Legs for “CeCi” Photo Shoot

Possibly one of the hottest girl groups at the moment, SISTAR member Soyu has revealed her model-esque body through a recent pictorial.

Soyu recently posed for “CeCi” magazine, showing off a summer vacation concept with her natural and at the same time, trendy looks.

Soyu’s “ant-sized” waist and her “11 figure” legs were revealed through her see-through, lacy top and her short hot pants.

Sources from “CeCi” stated, “SISTAR members all have pretty body lines and styles so our photo shoot results always end up being better than expected.”

Netizens who came across these photos commented, “Wow, I didn’t know she was hiding that kind of waiste,” “Her leg shape is the best,” “Her body is very thin. Her cute and fresh charms are bursting out,” and more.

SISTAR is currently receiving a lot of love for their new single, “

,” which is part of a summer special album.