Girls’ Generation Gears Up for the Olympics through “High Cut” Pictorial

Girls’ Generation has recently dressed up in the Korean team uniforms for the 2012 London Olympics.

Girls’ Generation posed for the star style magazine, “High Cut,” which will be released on July 19. The girls in the Korean team uniforms drew many eyes especially since the upcoming Olympics are drawing near.

The uniforms were created by the clothing brand, Bean Pole. The girls donned white shorts that showed off their trademark shapely legs. The white shorts and the navy blazers are reminiscent of their “Genie” days. It seemed well-fitting for such a national girl group to be wearing the uniforms that represent the country.

In the following interview, Girls’ Generation stated, “We will cheer for each and every athlete that will compete in the London Olympics this summer,” and “We believe that the group Girls’ Generation will be around even after 10 years. We set a goal to never break apart such as the Shinhwa seniors have showed us.”