Lee Min Ho Flashes a Forced Smile

Actor Lee Min Ho shared a photo of himself with a cute but forced smile. On July 18, he tweeted, “It looks like its going to pour. Once I’m done filming, I’ll be rejoining the ‘Faith’ team! Hwaiting! Please spend a healthy summer,” and attached the photo.

It appears that the selca was taken between shoots for his outdoor apparel brand CF. As shown in the photo, Lee Min Ho flashes his forced(?) smile, humoring fans.

Netizens commented, “It’s funny how only his mouth is smiling,” “He’s so good-looking! A true masterpiece,” “Take care of your health oppa,” “I can’t wait for ‘Faith,” and more.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is currently busy filming his latest drama “Faith” with Kim Hee Sun. He stars as a Koryeo Dynasty warrior who travels to the future to take a modern plastic surgeon back to the past. The fantasy-action-melodrama will premiere Augsut 13. Check out trailer for the series here.