Park Jin Young: “I Was Skeptical about Nichkhun’s Future as a Singer”

In tonight’s episode of KBS’sHappy Together Season 3,” Park Jin Young shared his thoughts about 2PM’s Nichkhun. During a recent recording for the episode, he revealed, “Our company’s casting manager brought Nichkhun over, but when I first met him, I was skeptical as to whether he would become a singer.”

Park Jin Young explained that when he first saw Nichkhun’s singing and dancing, he was unsure as to whether he would improve. However, singer-prodcuer added, “Now, Nichkhun is basically the one keeping the company alive,” humoring the cast and crew with his choice of expression.

Nichkhun, who was also present during the recording, confessed that he was aware of Park Jin Young’s uncertainty regarding him, much to everyone’s surprise.

Check out JYP’s full story about Nichkhun tonight, July 19, at 11:15PM KST.