Celebrity Candid Moments In K-Pop This Week!

It was another fun week with celebrities capturing moments of everyday life and sharing them on social media!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon opened his own Twitter account and showed some of his behind-the-scenes moments. Wonder Girls’ Sunye got a new ride, while Goo Hye Sun showed off her “Straight A” report card!

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“The people ain’t ready.” – G-Dragon posed next to MC Verbal from Japanese hip hop group m-flo!

“Thanks for the makeover u guys…thank you for styling me.” – f(x)’s Amber with long hair!

“I love you, Teacher Levay.” – JYJ’s Junsu snaps a shot with Sylvester Levay, the music composer who’s worked on the OSTs of “Scarface” and “Bambi,” as well as the musicals “Mozart” and “Elizabeth.”

“It’s summer. Not chicken brain, but my healthy food. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.” – f(x)’s Victoria shares a photo as a follow up to her comments about eating chicken brain.

“It’s raining early this Sunday morning and I am sending a special gift to thank those of you who have supported and cheered for me. This is awesome! I am sending you ‘Jang Bread.’ Let’s eat together. Enjoy!” – 2PM’s Jang Wooyoung shows his appreciation for fans in a unique way.

“HONDA cr-z Thank you! I’ll make sure to drive safely haha.” – Wonder Girls’ Sunye gets a new ride!

“Sulli and Dasom. Peach Sulli, my other self, is cute.” – SISTAR’s Dasom and f(x)’s Sulli show off their close friendship!

“I was actually number one in school.” – Goo Hye Sun reveals her report card with straight As!

“This summer, will exercise with a gym ball.” – T-ara’s Hyomin shares the secret to getting a doll-like body!

“Today’s aerobic will be replaced by sightseeing.” – Jang Geun Suk shows off his muscular body after working out!

“Average sleeping time two hours… Every episode I’m learning a lot of new things, and the challenges I face are both scary and exciting. I’d like to try out new things for the rest of the filming and experience things I haven’t felt yet. ‘Dr. Jin’ will continue to get more fun, fighting!” – Jaejoong reflects on his acting at the set of “Dr. Jin.”

“The makeup artist Lee Ji Eun (IU’s Real Name) is currently doing makeup.” – The lyricist Kim Ina tweeted a photo of IU transformed into a makeup artist!

“Bye light brown….hello dark brown!! I changed my hair color back to a dark color. It’s Dark G.NA after quite some time. Selca party!” – G.NA’s chic but sexy new hairstyle!

G-Dragon rides his skateboard in the studio, doing a trick in a skater outfit!

“Kekekekekekeke.” – 2AM’s Seulong sports a white t-shirt with the words, “I’m sorry that I’m handsome.”

“It looks like its going to pour. Once I’m done filming, I’ll be rejoining the ‘Faith’ team! Hwaiting! Please spend a healthy summer.” – Lee Min Ho flashes a forced smile in his latest selca photo!

“I am putting this up for the first time.” – Super Junior’s Shindong shares a photo of a female who appears to be his girlfriend!

“On my way back from grocery shopping with Infinite’s Woohyun…just got caught keke” – T-ara’s Hyomin leaves fans questioning their relationship.